Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why am I still awake?

So I just spent the last 2 hours fixing up my layout.. and before that I spent the whole day getting level 41-50 in WoW! :P I'm such a friggin nerd... In any case, here's a toque I made a month or so ago, thought I'd share. My wonderful lover Alex is modeling in the second pic *heart*

There's actually two versions of this hat.. I still didn't get gauge when I knit this and it was my first time knitting in the round, so it was like.. trial and error. This yarn is sort of on the thinner side of worsted so the first hat I knit turned out too small even though I added two repeats of the cable section. It stretched a bit, but not enough to fit my head. Adrian ended up putting it on Joey's head, sort of perched on there, so we called him prison-snitch-Joey all day. :D

I made a second one and CO 106 sts. I did the ribbing for about 1¼” and repeated the cable pattern 7 times. The second one knit up much faster and I did a way better job on it the second time around. It came out perfect! It fits my head and Alex's, so it should fit my brother (I knit it for his Christmas present).

If I have time I’m going to make a matching scarf. I wrote out my own pattern for a scarf by adapting the hat pattern, and then I found out there's one that's exactly the same! So Irish Hiking scarf here I come...

It’s a really nice hat actually, I’m surprised at how good it looks, especially for only spending $3.00 on a skein that worked up two full hats!

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