Thursday, October 16, 2008

Natural light really is a lot nicer!

So I'm enjoying my day off today! I realized I don't have any US 9 circs and I'm going to need a pair if I'm going to finish the Meseta Alta shawl any time soon, so I went to Wolseley Wardrobe to buy a pair (Addi Turbos, omg!) and when I got there they didn't have any ;_; I knew I should have called.. so I stopped at Prairie Sky Books and got some yummy new incense! I got Saffron, Desert Spice and Vanilla Amber! I also picked up some brocolli and grapes from the market by my house, yummers! I can't wait to cook dinner for Alex tonight!

So anyways, here are some things I've been working on..

This is my Butterfly Hat test drive, I did this with Patons Classic Wool Merino on US 7's. I had planned on making another one for my mom in some lovely dark purple Cascade 220 I had found, but I don't really like the end result of this hat, so I may just make her a cabled toque instead, we'll see! If I do, I'll have to make her a matching scarf too, I just know it! :P

The infamous My So-Called Scarf. I found this gorgeous Araucania Atacama at Ram Wools, but the colourway had such quick changes I couldn't find a scarf pattern that would show it off properly until I found this one! The yarn is insanely thin, so this may take me 300 years to knit up :D Since it's just for me, I'm just going to knit it whenever I need something mindless to do. So pretty *_*

I know everybody and their mom has done Calorimetry, but I wanted to give it a shot too! :P I love how it turned out! I knit this twice actually, before I finally went and read everyone's comments about how it came out huge! So I CO 88 sts and knit this up while I watched Steamboy. Very good anime.

Here are pictures of my 2x2 Rib Scarf. Incredibly boring and mindless, but good for at work when I want to knit but the chats are heavy. I love this colour! I'm a big teal fan.

And last but not least, my tiny start on the Meseta Alta Shawl! With help from a lovely lady on Ravelry I was able to start this and I know where I'm going with it now! I'm a little worried about the bumpiness of some areas, but I hope a soak and block will take that out a bit.. *crosses fingers*

I'm also really concerned about gauge for this one.. The pattern calls for US9, Ravelry says US8 and the yarn itself says US6.. so I'm not sure which size to use at all, so this may be time for some swatches. The yarn is Sirdar Eco Wool DK which is absolutely gorgeous! Very soft and the colour is amazing exactly the same as the link).

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Amie said...

Dear Andrea,

Your scarf looks like panties... beautiful, beautiful panties.

Also, mention me more. I think your fan base would enjoy my antics.