Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Addi Turbos!

Alex and I went to Ram Wools and I finally got my addiTurbos in US9.. *drool* My only beef with the addi's is that the ends are a little blunt for my taste.. but the way the yarn slides up the needles with no resistance and no snags.. oh, more than makes up for it :D


So I've made some headway on the Meseta Alta shawl, this was before I switched to circs and I've done about a repeat and a half more. I started using dental floss as my lifeline, the wool kept holding the shape of yarn lifelines, and I'm worried it won't come out with blocking. :(
I kind of regret not getting a lighter wool or a softer type of yarn for this. I keep looking at the picture from the book and her exact shawl was what I fell in love with. Hopefully at the end it will look all classy and gorgeous and I'll feel better about it. :P

I also cast on a toque, but I wasn't paying attention and screwed up some ribbing. See that? UGH. And since I hate ribbing I almost frogged the damn thing before I'd even started... So I ripped back a bit and I've now started the pattern. After all that, I found out that I can simply pull the stitches out above the one I screwed up and pick them up in the right direction.. duh. Oh well, learning experience!

I really want to try mittens soon. I just feel like I've asked so many questions in LJ:knitting that they're gonna kick me out if I don't post more FO's than I post questions.. lol

Oh and randomly, here's a pic of Navi and kippers:

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noricum said...

Have you tried addi lace needles? To *die* for. I also highly recommend the KnitPicks Options. :)