Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finished Christmas Gifts

Geeze, that took me long enough. I managed to finish the majority of gifts before Christmas despite how busy it was at work the past few months.

Green Button Hat [RA Link]
Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky in Sage Green
Needles: US9(5.5mm) 16" circ
Notes: For this hat I used the brim technique from the Robin's Egg Blue Hat with the measurements from the Republic Hat. I knit it longer than the pattern said. I don't understand why all hat patterns are written so short. I live up in Winnipeg and it's hella cold here! Hats need to cover the ears!

6-Hour Throw [RA Link]
Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun in Deco, Earth and Rococo
Needles: US35(19mm)
Notes: I originally knit this with 50's and followed the pattern, but the end result was too loose and curled to much, so I frogged it and re-knit on 35's, CO 50sts and did a 5 st garter border on either side. At then end when I put on the tassels I braided every set of two together so they wouldn't fray and shed all over the place :P

Teal Spring Beret [RA Link]
Yarn: Cascade 220 in 9420 Teal
Needles: US8/9(5.0mm/5.5mm) 16" circ
Notes: I did this in 1x1 twisted rib.. I think... I did k1tbl, p1 for the rim because I wanted to see what it looked like. Anyways, this was a really easy lace knit, you just need to pay attention and by the time you're on the second repeat it's easy to zone out and knit. It was fun watching my fingers turn blue :D Also, this was my first blocked project!! I'm amazed at how my shitty gauge evened out with the blocking and all the lace opened up like wow! I was so impressed!

Also, I was so worried this wouldn't be big enough, but after blocking it on a dinner plate it fit my auntie's head perfectly AND it miraculously matched her winter scarf which I've never seen before! :D

Drip Coasters [RA Link]
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter in various colours
Needles: US6 (4mm)
Notes: Used larger yarn than called for, so I started the first row here: CO 41 sts. Sl1, k18, sl1, k2tog, psso, k18, p1. This helped me get rid of a lot of extra yarn from other various dishcloths lol

I'm still working on mom's shawl, but the good news is, it's off the needles! I just need to weave in one end, block and tassel and it will be done! I was totally nervous to block this because of how much work went into it, but I got some help from the Knitting LJ and I think it'll all turn out ok!

Once I'm done that and my gift for Amie, my plan is to learn socks! I want to do my first pair legs down, then try toes up, then magic loop. I'm kinda crappy with DPNs, so I think in the end magic loop will work best for me.

I went to Ram Wools to pick up one more skein of Sirdar for mom's shawl, and I came across this:

Fleece Artist's Somoko in Burgundy Boil. OMG.

I was going to buy $4 sock yarn for my first attempt, but do you see how I couldn't resist?? And 30% off!

Ok. So. I bought a set of Bamboo US2.5 (3mm) needles because I am determined to learn. I'm going to try leg-down first because I bought Getting Started Knitting Socks, and it makes a whole lot more sense to me now. So, this yarn is amazing and I want to knit something simple, but not just plain stockinette all the way down. I'm thinking of doing the 6 sts per 1" pattern in the book, and doing the rib pattern down the top with stockinette on the bottom.

My only problem now it that this yarn is in a huuuuuuuge hank, and I don't think I'd be able to wind it all over my thumb, so I'm really considering buying a swift and winder. I've found a few on ebay for about $30-40 so maybe I'll buy them at some point. I'm wondering if I can pay anyone at Ram Wools or Wolseley Wardrobe to wind them for me? Hmm. I think I'll need to make a phone call..

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